Entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and life coach.

Moctar was born in France and grew up in Benin. After finishing his Baccalaurete in one of Benin's prestigious local schools, he emigrated to France where he studied Computer Engineering and worked for 2 years in a financial institution as an IT Technician.  

Feeling trapped and frustrated with his day to day job, at the age of 24 with hardly any money and contacts, he decided to move to London to start all over again. However, with very poor English language proficiency, he had to start his employment as a cleaner. 

All this changed with the decision that altered his life forever; to do whatever it took to create his own destiny.

With hard work, ambition and an UNBREAKABLE will, he was able to get out of the vicious cycle of low paying jobs and created a life he is genuinely happy to with.

He worked double shifts and saved enough money to invest in top rated IT training courses to become an IT System Engineer, a Project Manager and an Infrastructure Architect. Two years after arriving in London, he set up his own IT consulting business and worked with fortune 500 companies.  

He is also the author of the upcoming book Stop Wishing and Start Doing

Moctar's success comes from a genuine desire to add value to people's lives and businesses by helping them achieve their objectives and generate income from doing something they love. He has empowered many people through his energy, motivation, inspirational speeches and coaching sessions. 

He is an active philanthropist through his charity work by providing young kids in Africa with knowledge and tools that allow them to design the life they want. 

With a very happy and fulfilling life, he is now dedicated to helping others achieve the same level of balance and success in theirs.